The goal of this project is to support and complement UNHCR’s efforts to increase livelihoods activities and build the self sufficiency and capacity of host communities and CAR refugees residing in four camps and in four host villages. The emphasis of the project is to meet priority emergency needs and to align with Sphere and HAP standards. LWF Chad will draw upon UNHCR’s ‘Livelihood Programming: Operational Guidelines-2012’ , the Women’s Refugee Commission ‘Preventing Gender Based Violence, Building Livelihoods: Guidance and Tools for Improved Programming’ and USAID/OFDA Guidelines for Proposals.

Objective 1/ To increase self reliance and livelihood capacity of CAR refugees and farmers in the host communities 

The aim is to enable farmers, and those capable of working the land, to increase their harvests through various agricultural and livestock production activities. In order to help participants achieve self reliance LWF will distribute Animal Traction Units (ATU), supply seeds and inputs, implement vaccinations campaigns for livestock, and provide trainings.

Objective 2 / To provide the most vulnerable CAR refugees and persons in the host communities the means to increase their income

This second objective will focus on income generating activities (IGA)  targeted at the most vulnerable non-farmers in order to increase their household income to help them buy food and other necessities.