The Act Alliance project Assistance to improve the resilience and livelihood of CAR and Sudanese refugees and returnees, and host communities in Chad - TCD151 will implement the following activities, in partnership and funding by UNHCR: (1) shelter, Infrastructure, livelihood support, environment and alternative energy sources for the Sudanese refugees and (2) livelihood support, environment, food and NFIs for the CAR refugees. (3) Vocational training in 5 centers for selected refugees and host community.

These activities are important but there is the need for a holistic approach to cover more basic humanitarian needs not covered by present agreements with UNHCR and other organizations, especially for the host communities. In discussions with refugee and local and religious leaders the following sector activities were indicated as priority needs:

  • Emergency Preparedness and Response by the LWF/ACT Chad program ( Due to low funding of the Chad ACT Appeal 2014 these activities are again included in 2015)
  • Conflict prevention and Peace building efforts: assist the host communities with capacity building and construction of social infrastructure including education
  • Assist the affected populations with psychological assistance
  • Improve resilience and livelihoods through agricultural support and Income Generating Activities
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