LWF Chad elaborated, in partnership with UNHCR, the Seeds for Solution project, which aims at improving self-reliance in refugee and local populations, while establishing peaceful coexistence mechanisms. These two mutually supporting objectives will help alleviate the dependence to humanitarian aid and support the sustainable economic development of these particularly vulnerable regions.

Started in 2014 Seeds for Solution is currently implemented in the Sila region, in three villages near the camps of Djabal, Goz Amir and Kerfi. The project, which will be deployed until the end of 2016, will have supported 416 producers’ groups and entrepreneurs, financed 165 micro-projects and allowed for the active participation of 12 127 households.

Seeds for Solution Brochure


Objective 1: Promotion of peaceful coexistence between refugees and host communities

The primary condition to the project’s implementation is the shared management and preservation of natural resources. The presence of such a large refugee population in this area for so many years has put an increased pressure on vulnerable ecosystems. Allocation and access to natural resources consequently constitute the primary potential of conflicts between populations, which further stresses the need for mechanisms and mixed committees for resources management and peaceful coexistence. 

Objective 2 : Food security ensured through sustainable agricultural production

Parallel to the promotion of peaceful coexistence, the project will encourage the durable improvement of livelihoods for both refugees and host communities. Deploying a Self-Reliance strategy the project, in combination with its support to agricultural production, will offer the possibility for targeted population to develop Generating Income Activities and personal capacities.

assisted at the end of the project
of women among beneficiaries
of land secured
seeds distributed