LWF Chad, partnering up with the World Food Program, implements a Cash and Vouchers project on the sites of Djako (Western Logone), Danamadja, Kobitey, Baibokoum and Bitoye (Eastern Logone). The ready to use food coupons allow 28 000 Chadian Returnees to exchange them for food at selected local merchants. LWF supervises the Cash and Voucher process at all stages from the fixing of prices, to the distribution of vouchers, to the exchange of food agains cash.

Objective 1 / To respond better to the needs of the beneficiaries

Surveys of beneficiaries indicated that they preferred cash transfers to food distributions:  it puts people in a more active role in choosing and planning their diet. LWF Chad support beneficiaries with awareness campaigns on the Cash and Vouchers system, distributes coupons and checks information in order to ensure the  rightful distribution of food.

Objective 2 / Include local partners to contribute to the local economy

Through their purchases at local markets the many Chadian Returnees participate indirectly in the economic development of the country. LWF Chad also makes sure that local partners are aware of the Code of Conduct and respect prices fixed between the WFP and local merchants.