LWF Chad supports people with special needs in the Belom Camp

Maro / Mr Morio and his family pose in the Belom refugee camp. LWF / S. Dalou

Like many other CAR refugees fleeing the violence, Mr Velvo Jean and Ms Morio Mari, a blind couple, sought refuge in Southern Chad in 2003. They arrived with their youngest  daugher from the village of Moro, where they had to leave their two other daughters and their families. Firstly welcomed in the Yaroungou refugee camp they had to be relocated to Belom because of repeated floodings.

The family explains that food rations are not sufficient to feed them the entire month. They have been obliged to go fetch wood in the bush to then resell it in the camp. Their daughter helps and guide her parents through the long walks so that they can buy food, Mari says “our daughter helps us but what will we do when she gets married and leaves us?”

The Belom Camp welcomes numerous vulnerable people, among them elderly people living alone, disabled and traumatized persons. To support these groups’ specific needs the LWF Chad, present in the camp since 2007, distributes food and NFIs, offers psychosocial support and builds shelters for people with special needs.

Mr Velvo’s family is very grateful to have received blankets, soaps and hygiene kits when they had to be relocated, they also fear for the future and ask the team not to be forgotten. Despite the LWF Chad and its partners’ tireless efforts, the lack of funding has impacted food rations and the most vulnerables of beneficiaries have been selling the NFIs received to buy food, further neglecting their needs for hygiene and comfort.