Baby clothes and blankets distribution in Gore refugee camps and surrounding villages

Gore / Laya holds her new born sleepily wearing his new layette in their shelter at the Dosseye refugee camp. LWF / S. Dalou

LWF Chad and its partners, UNHCR, CNAR and CARE, have distributed blankets and baby clothes donated by the Lutheran World Federation in Gore refugee camps and surrounding villages. The distribution organized with the help of refugees and host communities representatives have helped more than 13 955 persons in Gore.

The distribution teams based the distributions on partners’ statistics so as to provide a fair help to those in needs, the teams have also arranged to firstly help the group with the most urgent needs: the new arrivals. Blankets were thus distributed according to the number of members in the family and baby clothes were distributed to every woman with a baby under 1 year old.

Laya, a teenage mother of 19 years old, explains she has lost her grandmother only two weeks after arriving to the Dosseye refugee camp. Forced to flee from Bangui in the Central African Republic she travelled and took care of both her grandmother and her new born baby on their way to safety. The child’s father died in the turmoil and having no revenues she could only use pieces of fabric to protect her baby. Fleeing CAR has also deprived Laya from her only source of revenue as she used to be an apprentice in a sewing shop. She unfortunately was unable to participate in the training offered by CARE as she couldn’t afford buying fabric and string. She dreams of finishing her apprenticeship to be able to take care of her baby. Thanks to the LWF Chad help received today she can now change and protect her baby from the cold.

To support beneficiaries like Laya and Sadia LWF Chad intervene in camps and surrounding villages near Gore since 2013. LWF Chad hopes that its projects aiming to enhance food safety, develop income generating activities and promote peaceful coexistence will durably help the populations.