Commitment to Accountability

We are committed to accountable and transparent ways of working with all stakeholders


We’re guided by our values ​​which are: Dignity and Justice, Inclusion and participation, accountability and transparency, compassion and commitment.

The Lutheran World Federation promotes « zero tolerance » for all forms Power’s abuse, sexual exploitation, fraud and corruption, physical and psychological abuses, and criminal offenses.

Our Code of Conduct is defined to give directions to staff for attitudes, behavior and ethical decisions both in their professional and private lives. We take seriously and positively all complaints. We address all matters relating to sexual exploitation, power’s abuse, corruption, standards and policies violation within LWF / DWS / CHAD.

We adhere to the Core Humanitarian Standard (CHS) which is a code with nine commitments that provides quality and accountability guidelines for humanitarian stakeholders. This code encourages the humanitarian members to recognize communities and affected people as centered member of the humanitarian’s response by respecting their rights and dignity; and to create structures so that they can also participate in the actions implementation process.


Each commitment is based on a quality criterion that indicates how humanitarian organizations and staff must work for his achievement.

The CHS is structured as follows:

  • The nine commitments
  • The quality criteria that underlie them
  • The key actions that must be taken to fulfill the commitments,
  • Organizational responsibilities that support the consistent and systematic implementation of key actions across the organization.


We have zero tolerance for

  • any form of abuse of power

  • sexual exploitation

  • fraud and corruption

  • physical and psychological abuse

  • criminal offences

Have a complaint?

We take complaints about LWF organizational or staff misconduct seriously, and will respond in a timely, appropriate manner through established mechanisms.

Use our Complaint Form to lodge a complaint
Contact our Complaints Focal Person
DWS Complaints Mechanism Policy & Procedures

LWF Chad is a country program of the Lutheran World Federation’s Department for World Service (DWS), which puts responding to complaints from stakeholders at the core of its commitment to accountability.

The DWS Complaints Mechanism Policy and Procedure defines what a complaint is and the areas of responsibility of LWF/DWS staff, as well as detailing how to register, process and investigate a complaint.

Learn more and download the Policy

LWF Staff Code of Conduct

The LWF Staff Code of Conduct Regarding Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, Abuse of Power, Fraud and Corruption helps all LWF employees to make ethical decisions in their professional and private lives.

The Code refers to any misuse of power and exploitation in the working relationships among LWF employees and with those they serve, in areas of sexual exploitation and abuse, harassment, fraud and corruption, and unethical business practices.

All LWF employees are required to adhere to the Code.

Learn more and download the Code of Conduct