Professional and passionate service to the neighbor

Staff of LWF Chad praised for competence and commitment. Photo: LWF/A. Danielsson

LWF General Secretary thanks LWF staff in Chad for their inspiring work

(LWI) – During his visit to the LWF Country Program in Chad last week LWF General Secretary Martin Junge met LWF staff in N’Djamena, Goz Beida in Eeastern Chad and its neighboring villages during a field visit.

Speaking to the LWI, Junge commended the highly competent and committed staff who are eager to see transformation in the communities. Referring to the project Seeds for Solutions, he expressed gratitude for their determination to transform barren land into green fields and the positive impact this transformation brings to the local community.

Competent and committed

The work in the LWF Country Program in Chad is led from the main offices in N’Djamena. In addition the LWF has eight other offices in eastern and southern Chad. The team consists of 236 staff, of which nine are international.

In addition the LWF has 160 incentive workers in the country. They are members of the local community, both from the host villages and refugees who receive a paid incentive for their work in the community.

LWF Country Representative Adamou Koumanda said the staff in Chad are highly committed to their work and to building the credibility of the LWF in Chad. “The outcome of our work today is the result of their commitment.”

In the words of General Secretary Junge the growth of the program, its reputation and roots in the communities is a testimony to their highly professional and passionate work. He added that “the vocation of the LWF to serve the neighbor always needs to be expressed by people willing to offer their hands, legs and hearts – their entire lives – sometimes in extremely adverse contexts. Chad is yet another example of that. The LWF communion of churches is well represented by the staff in the country.”